Argrace Hair

If you are anything like me, you have probably hundreds, if not thousands, of hair in your inventory:) But that won’t stop you from getting more:) Argrace has always been one of my favorite hair store and though I have not been there for a while, I’m so happy that they are supporting JF 2014!

I have 2 wonderfully feminine hair to introduce to you. “HARUKA” is a long hair, almost like moving softly in the wind, probably perfect for one of those pictures you want to show the spring breeze!

ARGRACE - _ARGRACE_ HARUKA - 15% - rika Oyen

Second hair is “KAORU” and it is a cute mid-length pony tail hair:) Staying home to be cozy or take a stroll downtown, this is a hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable:)

ARGRACE - _ARGRACE_ KAORU - 15% - rika Oyen

Tomorrow at 10am SLT, April 5, Saturday, you will be able to stop by the fair!!! Shop for a great cause!!! 🙂

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