Tukinowaguma Hair at JF 2014!

There are few hair designers we all know of, and I’m certain that I can say Tukinowaguma is definitely one of them:) Doesn’t matter where you come from, you just know Tukinowaguma! From casual to elegant, unique and specialized hair, you will find what you are looking for at Tuki:)

As one of the leading hair designers in SL, Tukinowaguma is supporting Japan Fair 2014 and you will see amazing hair! For those of you who do not know, Tukinowaguma designed hair for Miss Virtual World 2014, Anjelica Carlin, the founder of Japan Fair 2014. This hair will be at the event for 100% donation! It is a very elegant hair, perfect for going out for a romantic dancing with your loved one, or if you simply want to feel regal, this is the hair for you!

__Tukinowaguma Hair Style__Anje 100%Kateforster Akina

Other hairs available at 15% donations are:

__Tukinowaguma Hair Style__Tokie 15%Kateforster Akina

__Tukinowaguma Hair Style__Celso 15%Kateforster Akina

__Tukinowaguma Hair Style__Ebbe 15%Kateforster Akina

__Tukinowaguma Hair Style__Natu 15%Kateforster Akina

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