tomoto – sakura

If you have never been to Japan, but would like to, but don’t know what time of the year you should go, I would have to say April:)

It may still be a little cold, rainy too if unlucky, but if you get there at the perfect time, beginning of April, like now, then you will see the most beautiful cherry blossoms ever! Japanese culture makes sure that we take the time to enjoy the beauty of these pink flowers that only blooms for a short period of time of the year.

Tomoto, has a line with all sakura (cherry blossoms) theme and she has always been one of my favorite Japanese creators:) The hair accessories that she has are very delicate and cute and I love them! She is also offering kimono so you know have many to choose from:) Difficult choices has to be made sometimes:)

This kimono will be at 100% donation:

tomoto, sakura en fleur - 100% - Tomo Wachter

Rest are at 15% donation:

tomoto, sakura ken-ran - 15% - Tomo Wachter tomoto, yaezakura - 15% - Tomo Wachter tomoto, sakura corsage pale - 15% - Tomo Wachter tomoto, sakura corsage tendre - 15% - Tomo Wachter


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