M’s Avon Jewelry Set ‘YASYA’

So we have hair and outfits, but we absolutely need jewelry to finish the styling! M’s Avon is a jewelry maker and offers various styles, from bold to simple elegance. You will most likely find something that will accessorize the outfit you got at JF very nicely:)

Also offered are Japanese fans. If you have purchased a kimono at the fair, you may want to consider these fans as an accessory and bring out the oriental elegance:)

M's Avon-Cobweb Jewelry set MESH_15% M's Avon-Yasya-Jewelry-set-Blue_15% M's Avon-Yasya-Jewelry-set-Green_15% M's Avon-Yasya-Jewelry-set-White_15% M's Avon-HANA Jewelry Set 01 (1)_15% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-Blue_15% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-Green_15% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-LightPurple01_100% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-Pink_15% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-Purple_15% M's-Avon-HIOUGI-Red_15%

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  1. MICHIKO AVON* より:

    Thank you for having you introduce my jewelry. A jewelry name has a change. The name of the jewelry is ‘YASYA’. I changed the jewelry to the Japanese name.:D



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