Silvery K – Kimono & Head Accessory

I remember few years ago when I just started Second Life, and there were no mesh, all were prims, and there were only few kimono creators. There were so many prims you had to attach, and it was a major challenge for the creators to make kimono look as real as possible. But now that mesh has been introduced, creators have more ways to make a kimono look gorgeous and Silvery K is one of them. Kimono texture is wonderful as well as the design, but I do love the head accessories! They are simply gorgeous!

If you can’t pick, get both:)
100% of the proceeds will be donated (both of them).

__..Silvery K..__Head Dress(Sakura japon)100% gin Fhang

__..Silvery K..__Head Dress(Sakura japon RED)100% gin Fhang

And the kimono… what can I say… GET IT!
It is so affordable, at L$500, we can get both kimono and the head accessory!
15% of the proceeds will be donated.

__..Silvery K..__KimonoMesh(Rose_Red)15% gin Fhang

__..Silvery K..__kimonoMesh(sakura)15% gin Fhang


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