[LAKSHIMI] – Oiran-Miyabi Kimono

It wouldn’t be a Japan Fair without Kimono! [LAKSHIMI] is offering a kimono set in mesh with a HUD that comes with 6 kimono textures! Now that is like getting 6 kimonos for one! If you have always wanted to become “Oriental” and challenge a kimono look, well, this is the perfect time to do so!

This outfit is an “Oiran” kimono, and it is a little different from ordinary Kimono. Oiran were courtesans in Japan and were considered “woman of pleasure” or a prostitute. But, they are distinguished from ordinary prostitutes as they were entertainers and many because celebrities outside of the “pleasure district”.

Their art and fashions often set trends, and that is what we want to do as well, right? 🙂 Dare to wear it! 🙂

Please note that hair is not included but Tsukinowaguma has the perfect hair for this outfit (in the pic). 100% of the proceeds of this particular kimono will be donated.

[LAKSHMI]Oiran-Miyabi_Mesh Model B(LQ) - Image  100%

If you rather try a more simple, traditional kimono, do not fret, as [LAKSHIMI] has few prepared for you:) Modern girl wear modern hair styles with kimono so this may be more for those who would like to challenge new and old look:)

15% of this kimono proceeds will be donated.

[LAKSHMI] KIMONO(LQ)Alegria 01(Mesh Model A) 15%

And there will be more!!!

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