-IrodorI- – Kimono Set

It wouldn’t be Japan Fair without few Kimono stores, right? This will be the 3rd Kimono creator that we are introducing:) The other 2 kimono creators that has been previously mentioned (Silvery K and [LAKSHIMI]) offered kimono set but that included ONLY the outfit. If you feel a little unsecure about styling a kimono outfit, -IrodorI- may be the choice for you. This designer includes hair and hair accessory with the kimono (skin not included) and may ease the styling:)

-IrodorI- offers various colors and textures and one of them will be at 100% donation:

-IrodorI- - Sakura botan - 100% - ooYukichioo Resident

These are at 15% donation:

-IrodorI- - Sakura - 15% - ooYukichioo Resident

-IrodorI- - Ouka - 15% - ooYukichioo Resident

-IrodorI- - Misaki - 15% - ooYukichioo Resident

-IrodorI- - Butterfly - 15% - ooYukichioo Resident

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