((Crystal Line)) – Glamorous 2 Accessory Set

Japan Fair 2014 is opening in just 5 more days!!!! We have over 60 participating Japanese creators, which makes this event so special! Some designers and creators are not as active as others, and it is such a privilege that they decided to join this event and create something new and special!

To share with you few of the amazing items that will be at the fair, I will be posting pictures of them:) Get excited and be ready to get broke!!!

This first post will be for ((Crystal Line)). You may all know or at least heard of the very beautiful Rena Vita of ((Crystal Line)). She was a wonderful model, and an amazing jewelry creator. I just LOVE her stuff!!!

For Japan Fair 2014, she has re-created one of her set, Glamorous, and 100% of the proceeds of this set will be donated:)

((Crystal Line))Glamourous2 Accessory Set POP 100%

Another wonderful set is called “Floret Pearl” and is perfect for this spring styling:) With the elegance of pearls, yet the cuteness of flowers, it is certainly a must have piece for us girls:) 15% of the proceeds will be donated.

((Crystal Line))Floret Pearl Accessory Set POP 15%


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